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Designed with a simple 2:1 mixing ratio (By Volume) with 20 minute working time

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2:1 Crystal Clear Art Resin system is low-viscosity and highly transparent epoxy resin with a wide range of highly transparent glass-like or colored artistic and decorative applications. You can use it as a casting resin for layers up to 5mm thick. The number of casting processes (layers) is unlimited, from the small embeddings and coasters to 3D flooring, tabletops, and other items.
Designed with a simple 2:1 mixing ratio (By Volume) with 20 minute working time.
Cure time: 18-24Hrs.
Self-leveling & DE-foaming resin.
Perfect for encapsulating small objects, jewelry, coating timber & resin paintings.
Casting layer up to 5mm thick, unlimited number of casting layers.
CASTING: Casting with silicone molds, make Jewelry, e.g., Bangles, Rings, Earrings, Coasters, Ornaments & Encapsulating Objects.
FLOORING: Epoxy resin floors, 3D flooring.
COATING: Coating Wood, Timber & Concrete.
RESIN ART: Resin artwork.
REPAIR WORK: Filling cracks and holes in wood & Concrete, waterproofing.
Size 1: Two bottles 50ml of Resin, 25ml of Hardener (75ml total)
Size 2: Two bottles 100ml of Resin, 50ml of Hardener (150ml total)
Size 3: Two bottles 200ml of Resin, 100ml of Hardener (300ml total)
Size 4: Two bottles 500ml of Resin, 250ml of Hardener (750ml total)
Dry to Touch: 8-12 hours
Re coat within: 4-6 hours
Curing: 24 hours
Full Curing: 3-4 Days

150ml, 300ml, 75ml


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