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Earring pendant epoxy resin mold


Earring pendant epoxy resin mold cut oval water drop necklace key chain chain pendant resin mold jewelry making accessories

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Product material: food grade silicone

Product use: DIY handmade glue mold
High transparency and high mirror effect make DIY more interesting
The production steps are as follows:

Main material: mold ab glue measuring cup

Tools needed: disposable gloves, disposable chopsticks, disposable cups, color precision, electronic scales

Production steps:

step 1:

Prepare what you need [ab glue, mold, disposable gloves, chopsticks, cups, toothpicks, measuring cups

Step 2:

Ready for color essence

Step 3:

Pour the ab glue in a 2:1 mixture into a paper cup and stir to mix until it becomes clear water

Step 4:

Stir to complete the substitute

Step 5:

Method 1: Pour the ab glue into the mold, and use a toothpick to dip it into the mold that has already been glued.

Step 6:

Following method 1: You can use toothpicks to draw some simple patterns, and only a small drop of the toothpicks can be used.

Step 7:

Method 2: If you want to put flowers in the finished product, first pick the flowers and dry them with a desiccant for a day or two, put the dried flowers in the mold, and drop a small layer of glue to fix the flowers and wait for the flowers to be fixed before filling Mould.

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